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stephensable · Jan 22, 2019 10:41am
Has anyone found an alternate site similar to this one that is keeping up to date?
Tongpo · Dec 19, 2018 12:52pm
I really hope this site continues cause it's a great place to keep track of figures. So please update the site and keep it going. Thank you for all you do evenmonkeys.
LuigiLover · Nov 02, 2018 03:06pm
Is the site going to be updated soon, because many series are not there.
stephensable · Sep 26, 2018 09:59pm
They also had a Mario vs Bowser 8 bit 2 character pack in castle packaging
stephensable · Sep 26, 2018 09:58pm
I found a Jakks Mega Man only 8 bit with yellow bullet figure at Walgreens. Examples
NiMaD83 · Sep 08, 2018 01:23pm
Is he going to add the new WM checkout lane set ?
LuigiLover · Sep 02, 2018 06:22am
I can't wait for that 4" series (mainly Mario+Cappy)
stephensable · Sep 01, 2018 11:01pm
Thanks, that Mario with Cappy looks pretty sweet. I know they were making one for 4" as you can see here in Wave 13
LuigiLover · Aug 10, 2018 04:49am
Guys, there is a checklane series 2-12 and someone on reddit has pictures. Here is the link to one of the figures! :)
Faladyne · Jun 06, 2018 03:28am
Anyway. Here's some of the missing images if anyone can use them.

Luigi --

Mario --

Spiny Shell --

Bonus -- Family Dollar Blue Yoshi 2.5" Wave 1-3 (Entire wave never got photos...)
Faladyne · Jun 01, 2018 05:07pm
That's actually a really great question, evenmonkeys. I'll be going on a Walgreens hunt in the next few days, will keep an eye out.

Is there any preferences for pictures file sizes/backgrounds/resolution/etc? I'd like to be able to help out with missing pictures on here, but I have no idea how to go about it. :3

Stephensable -- my Walgreens probably still has the 1-3 Luigi. Drop me a message on Reddit and we'll work something out for getting him for ya?
evenmonkeys admin · Jun 01, 2018 12:53pm
Did Walgreens have a wave 1-2 of the tapeless tape racers?
stephensable · May 31, 2018 08:28am
I just need the Luigi kart that I've been unable to find. Got most of my kart figures from Walgreens and some from Target a while back. Target however has not had any figures on the shelf in months except for the 8-bit 5 pack. I'm afraid they are going to stop carrying them completely.
Faladyne · May 30, 2018 04:04pm An image of the Yoshi kart, though I don't have the others yet. Back of the box, showing the full wave.
Faladyne · May 30, 2018 03:49pm
Walgreens has a new(?) Tape Racer wave out; 1-3. Has Mario and Luigi in Standard karts, Spiny Shell (on its own two wheels), and Yoshi in the Honey Queen. Basically the same as the normal 1-3 wave, except it's just the kart/characters, with none of the tape included.
LuigiLover · Apr 24, 2018 04:01am here is a link to find a picture of green toad and orange yoshi!
LuigiLover · Apr 24, 2018 03:40am
If case anyone is wondering, the orange yoshi is exclusive to walgreens. I say this because it says it isn't in the catalog, please fix. :)
evenmonkeys admin · Mar 24, 2018 10:01pm
To the best of my knowledge, I do not believe there is a way to verify that. can view store inventory, but only if it's available on their website. Unfortunately, those specific figures are not listed on their website. During my time of collecting these figures, the only thing I was able to do was go look myself. Calling and asking was worse than undergoing a root canal.
Booghost007 · Mar 24, 2018 04:55pm
Does anyone know if there is a way to tell if the Walmart in my area or anywhere I'm hunting will have the 2.5inch white box figures available in the check lanes or is that not a possibility thank you for answering who ever you may be :-)
I only collect the 2.5 inch white box figures in the walmart check lanes
evenmonkeys admin · Feb 25, 2018 09:13pm
I haven't personally seen the figures yet so I was unaware that it wasn't a repeat. I have updated it in the system to reflect a new figure. Once I get some imagery, I'll update the photos. Thank you for the info!
Nucleus · Feb 25, 2018 09:31am
Missing only 5 of the checklane. Boo really is a ghost because I can't find him
Tongpo · Feb 23, 2018 06:34pm
The new Wal-Mart wave open box 2.5s Larry, blue baby yoshi are new but the arms down fist Mario is also new, I believe. Cause all the other Mario's has a fist in the air. If I'm wrong let me know so I can hunt for it. Thanks
evenmonkeys admin · Nov 27, 2017 08:23pm
Guumba has reprints and exclusives per location as well. So in the case of Walgreens 1-4, they're considered exclusives and not all reprints because the cardstock shows a different wave. I had more requests to do it that way in the early days so I've left it this way.

I am curious about the trophy Wario though. It shows 1-1 on the box? Not sure where I'd put that figure.
Tongpo · Nov 26, 2017 12:01pm
Hi, I'm pretty sure wave 1-4 Walgreens exclusives star power mario, inkling boy, phazon samus and gold wario which is labelled 1-1 are the only exclusives in this batch. The rest are reprints. If there was a way to post a pic or attach one I can send you pics of the exclusive ones. Is the printable list option going to be available in the future. Thanks
Tongpo · Aug 18, 2017 11:26pm
No problem glad i could help.
evenmonkeys admin · Aug 18, 2017 09:06pm
@Tongpo Thank you! They have been added and I'll update the pictures as I am able to!
Tongpo · Aug 18, 2017 11:59am
New checkout lane figs at Wal-Mart. Bone piranha plant, 8 bit Luigi, tanooki Mario, squid boy blue new. Reprints ice Mario, toad, reg Mario.
evenmonkeys admin · May 14, 2017 07:30pm
I've actually thought about a free, no-cost-to-enter lottery in general. An achievement system that rewards collectors in verifiable aspects and you gain raffle tickets which you can use to enter into a giveaway as they come out. Rather than just one entry every time, you could essentially enter multiple times on something you'd like. The idea is being kicked around.

The biggest downfall I have right now is that I've been very busy with other things. I'm doing my best to keep Guumba updated regularly, but I get behind every now and then. I am working on a system that will allow collectors to input data like descriptions and photos, and after verification, will be added to the website. Similar to a Wiki website.

We'll see how it all pans out!
RFKirby · May 08, 2017 12:04pm
(Sorry for the mistaken multiple posts)

AND provided my physical mailing address, I still don't think I could have responded to a winning inquiry in time. I get disconnected every now and then, and I must actually remember to check in again to make sure I haven't missed any vital news, once I get back.

Maybe you can think to do it like the lottery: if someone does not claim it within the specified time to claim, you roll it over into the next week / month, and then you can (your choice) add in secondary / tertiary prizes. What begins as a rare figure prize can become a dream come true cornucopia of Nintendo goodies.
RFKirby · May 08, 2017 11:58am
... (continued from previous message)

even if I had provided my reddit handle, my phone number and ad
RFKirby · May 08, 2017 11:57am
To evenmonkeys:

Every few months in the reddit, I notice useers mention and reference a WoN Facebook Group. I am sure it would be simple enough to find, but seeing as I do not have Facebook, and the few times I attempt to use it, it is closed off for searching, its of no use.

Still, for those that use that Facebook WoN Group, this website would be a good resource.

Interesting to hear about the Ganondorf side-story. If I had entered into the contest, even if I provided
evenmonkeys admin · May 07, 2017 07:45pm
Hey there. Pretty sure the vast majority of the people that visit Guumba are those that also use Reddit. Which I am all for. Not really sure where else I could share it with. For awhile, I had a Disqus forum open for Guumba, but no one had really used it for the year or so it was open. I had a feeling it might be because in order to use Disqus, you need to have a third party user account on top of the account here. So I put together a really simple chat page that just allows you to leave a message under your collector name. If there were a demand for more, I would definitely bring something like Disqus back, or even put together a forum. Always open to ideas and suggestions! Guumba exists for collectors! :) There is a Reddit page for Guumba as well.. but it's still blank:
As for the contest, it's sort of in limbo at the moment. A winner was selected and posted. I tried to contact them and they never replied. Waited about a week and moved onto a new random winner. Same thing, no response. I waited about a week again for either of them to respond and sent an email to the third random winner. Yet again, no response. So at this time, I haven't heard back from any of the three. I haven't reached out to a fourth just yet; I think I may run another small giveaway and require entry via email to make sure I have the right information. Not sure yet. This Ganondorf is just collecting dust on my shelf. :p
RFKirby · May 04, 2017 10:05am
After having this website open in my mobile browser for over 3 months, finally decided to "start" to catalogue my World of Nintendo collection. Familiar names here, even though I didn't immediately remember that I should stay consistent, but I'm glad my handle came along with me.

This website is very helpful, and I would like to have a forum for how best to classify / quantify the re-prints that occur throughout the figure and plush lines.

I can also try to offer some conversation topics every now and then. For instance, when I opened up this page, it was still advertising a Trophy Ganondorf as a giveaway prize. How did that go, and is it alright to know who the lucky prizewinner was?

All the best. I hope to provide as much benefit as I receive from this extremely useful website venture.
evenmonkeys admin · Apr 08, 2017 05:26pm
Honestly, without drilling small holes into the top of their head, I can't think of many ideas. However, the one thing that does come to mind would be something as simple as taking fishing line and just tying it around the neck of the figure. Fishing line would be nice because it's clear so when someone sees it, they likely won't see that it's being suffocated. Haha.
doran4him · Apr 05, 2017 08:09pm
I'm looking for ideas on how to turn the 2.5 in world of Nintendo figures into temporary Christmas ornaments without damaging them. Like a 3M hook type thing but smaller. Any thoughts?
Painmaster212 · Mar 01, 2017 08:09pm
@evenmonkeys Thanks, adding my collection right now!
evenmonkeys admin · Mar 01, 2017 04:09pm
We actually do have a sister site for amiibo.. however, it's not completely mobile-friendly at this time. Feel free to check it out:
Painmaster212 · Mar 01, 2017 12:50pm
Loving the website! Any thoughts on doing one for amiibos as well?
evenmonkeys admin · Feb 27, 2017 07:58pm
Welcome to the new chat section. Feel free to use this for whatever you'd like.. Random chat.. help with the website.. or anything else! :)