Whole Slew of New Pieces Incoming
Jun 22, 2017

Jakks Pacific has a lot of new items coming to the World of Nintendo line and you will be able to find it all here as the information becomes available. While some of the information is available, I don't want to add figures that won't be released for several months. Instead, I will make sure you have information for what is available to purchase.

Check out the new castle in the 2.5" playsets! And be sure to keep checking back for more plushes, figures and more!

PS. Some of you may have heard that I have personally gotten out of collecting these figures. I am still a major Nintendo fan and have a large personal collection. I have just chosen to step back a little. With that in mind, please rest assured that I plan on keeping Guumba fully updated on a regular basis. It'd be too hard to completely leave! ;)

New Catalog Tracking Underway
Apr 26, 2017

One question that I see coming in every now and then is if Guumba will ever offer the ability for swapping. The short answer is kind of. While I do want to help collectors add to their collection by creating an environment where items can be swapped or sold, I also have to keep in mind that I don't want to cause any trouble between traders. The last thing I want is for someone to get screwed on a deal.

With that in mind, I have been working on a way where you can list what you have, what you want and what you have for trade here on Guumba, and have the option to share the list via Reddit for swapping. The idea behind Guumba in this respect will be an easy representation of what it is you're after and what you have to offer.

For now, you can track what you have (as you've always been able to) with the two new options for adding what you have to offer for trading and what you're looking for. Be sure to keep an eye on Guumba for the next update for the new Catalog design. Thanks!

A Bit of a Facelift
Jan 28, 2017

I know, long overdue, right!? I couldn't agree more! I have finally given the homepage a makeover, focusing more on the collectors visiting the website, rather than the features and news. It's more fun opening a webpage and getting right into your collection, so that's what we're going to focus on now.

There are still a few features that I am now prepared to open up just yet. As of right now, Reddit is still one of the best places I recommend trading figures aside from the obvious like eBay and craigslist. However, I am still working to launch an area where you can show the figures you're searching for and the ones you're offering for sale or trade.

Keep an eye on the site to see it continue evolving. I keep the content as up-to-date as I can and I'm always looking for the best resolution images for the items shown. Thank you very much for visiting!

What Do You Want to See?
Sep 25, 2016

First and foremost, I want to thank you for visiting Guumba. You are currently looking at the third build since I first put everything together, and it has definitely come a long way. While Guumba is not the first place to find information on World of Nintendo figures, and it's not the first checklist to exist, I have aimed at making it the best source available. We acquire information from various locations as well as doing the research myself. I have many more features that are still in the works and should be launching soon.

With that in mind, this website was built for myself and my fellow collectors! While still small, we're already a community of nearly 75 and that's something I'm proud of. I am looking to grow that number, but in order to do so, I need some help. What do you want to see on Guumba? What do you like? What do you not like? What features would help your experience? I want to know!

But how can I contact me? Great question! If you'd like to contact me personally, please use our Contact page. If you'd like to make it into a discussion, you can use our Reddit discussion located here or use our personal Disqus page located here. No matter how you'd like to bring up ideas or feedback, it is heavily encouraged.

Again, thank you for helping make Guumba grow!

World of Nintendo TV Commercial
Sep 14, 2016

I saw this and wanted to share it. I think it's neat that there's a commercial for these toys. They appear to be only advertising the 4" line in this TV spot, but at least they're trying! Check it out!

Collectors Page Update
Aug 25, 2016

I am still working on the collectors page, but wanted to give an update. Under the main Menu dropdown, an option for 'View More Collectors' will take you to the grand list of collectors. For now, they will take you to a page similar to your Printable Checklist. You may share the URL of your page, or any public page with anyone. Please feel free to check it out and share with other collectors. Please remember that this is a temporary design while I continue working on the final project. Enjoy!

New Stocks & Restocks!
Aug 21, 2016

Be sure to keep an eye out at all of your local World of Nintendo retailers! Aside from Toys R Us and Target, the general areas we are able to find these figures, we're now starting to see them pop up at Walmarts and KMarts all over! The newest waves available have been spotted at all carrying retailers. Walmart does not seem to be carrying the 4" of Princess Zelda or Skull Kid, but the other three from wave 2-2 have been seen available. Also, be sure to check out GameStop for the previously-exclusive 2.5" series from Walmart. Another ultra rare figure of a golden Goomba has been popping up all over the states. These are extremely rare and generally go very quickly. Happy hunting!

A Whole New Look!
Aug 16, 2016

Guumba 3.0 is really starting to come together! A new design for viewing and tracking your collection is now available. I am still working on many corners of the website, but the main experience Guumba gives collectors is up and running! If you don't already have an account, be sure to sign up! Tracking your collection is even easier than ever! A new feature I'm still putting together is an individual page for each item giving information and locating tips. Feel free to help me out by submitting feedback and suggestions!

Under Construction
Aug 09, 2016

It's been some time since I really worked on this website so time for a facelift! Keep an eye on things as I evolve Guumba into a more-user-friendly experience!